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Hi, πŸ‘‹  my name is PhilHi, πŸ‘‹ my name is Phil

I'm a fullstack developer and serial entrepreneur based in Austria with 16+ years of experience in the digital industry.

I want to use my skills to build products people love. Improving existing features and building new products as a fullstack dev with full responsibilities and ownership gives me satisfaction. Besides that I always love to connect with like-minded people and work with them, to help others and learn from others.


πŸ›  Skills

Node.js, React, Next.js, ReactNative, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Vuetify, iOS, Android, Chatbots, Distributed Systems, AWS, Vercel, Serverless (Lambda), Dev-Ops, Big Data, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Cassandra, Project Management, Blockchain/Crypto, UI/UX, HubSpot, Wordpress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Webflow and many more stuff ...

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Work experience

Co-Founder & CTO

Gateway Labs – (Jan 2020 - Current 🟒)

Gateway is a Search Lab creating ideas to solve some of the biggest problems in Education, Health, Fitness & Sustainability.

Gateway Labs - Creating products people love.

We help innovators create products people love. We’ll build your product, get you to your first 1000 users, and give you the tools you need to go the rest of the way!

Gateway Labs - Creating products people love.


DAIC Capital – (Feb 2021 - Current 🟒)

We invest in the future of digital assets.

DAIC Capital: Non-Custodial Staking Provider

Stake crypto and earn rewards with DAIC. Trusted community validator and non-custodial staking provider. Start staking in a few clicks.

DAIC Capital: Non-Custodial Staking Provider

Full Stack Dev

Blockpit – (Aug 2021 - Current 🟒)

Tax reporting and portfolio tracking for Cryptocurrencies, DeFi & Cryptoderivates.

Blockpit: Crypto Tax Calculator & Portfolio Tracker

Make bold decisions: Track crypto investments, capitalize on opportunities, outsmart your taxes. Get started for free!

Blockpit: Crypto Tax Calculator & Portfolio Tracker

Interim CTO

Glacier, Vienna, Austria – (Sep 2020 - Dec 2020)

Creating the most influential community for carbon reduction.

Klimaschutz-Weiterbildung fΓΌr dein Unternehmen

Wir vermitteln Klimakompetenzen und Klimaschutz-Wissen und befΓ€higen deine Mitarbeiter*innen die Klimatransformation im Unternehmen zu bewΓ€ltigen.

Klimaschutz-Weiterbildung fΓΌr dein Unternehmen

Interim CTO

Botcopy, Los Angeles, USA – (Sep 2019 - Dez 2022)

The AI Industry's Front-End of Choice. Boost profits with a rich custom webchat that connects to Dialogflow.

Botcopy β€’ The UI of AI

Website Chat Messenger for Generative AI and Dialogflow. Enterprise and the Public Sector approved. WCAG 2.1 AA Compliant. Simple, powerful, secure. Exceptional custom features. 7-DAY FREE TRIAL.

Co-Founder & CTO

Swelly, Los Angeles, USA – (Jan 2015 - 2018 - Exit)

Decision-Making App for Generation Z.

Co-Founder & CEO

intracked, Linz, Austria – (Jan 2014 - May 2023)

GPS Tracking App for L17 learner (driving schools).

Co-Founder & CTO

noQuu, Linz, Austria – (Jan 2013 - Jan 2014)

Software for doctors to minimize waiting times for patients.

Founder & CEO

PHOLLY, Linz, Austria – (May 2010 - Current 🟒)

Webdesign, Webprogramming, Computerservice

Hi, πŸ‘‹ my name is Phil | PHOLLY

Fullstack Developer & Serial Entrepreneur in the digital industry

Hi, πŸ‘‹  my name is Phil | PHOLLY

and many more side projects ... πŸš€

πŸ“š Education

Master's Degree in Human Centered Computing

2019 - 2021

University of Applied Science - Hagenberg, Austria

Bachelor's Degree in Mobile Computing

2012 - 2015

University of Applied Science - Hagenberg, Austria

Vocational matriculation examination


Higher Technical Institute - Leonding, Austria

Final apprenticeship examination: Electrical Installation Technician


WIFI - Linz, Austria

Final apprenticeship examination: Information Technology


WIFI - Linz, Austria

Information Technology

2006 - 2010

Technical College - Haslach, Austria

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